Question about unplugging your notebook during mid-charge

I have always been wondering; is it okay to unplug the charger from your notebook when the battery is not yet fully charged? I heard that it can impact your battery life and cause it to leak sometimes. Is this true?
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  1. yes you can unplug it, no its not going to hurt it, no its not going to "leak" whatever whoever told you that meant.
  2. Hahahaha, where I'm from we call batteries which are broken and drains quickly as a "leaked" battery. It's not going to turn out that way isn't it?
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    ah... I was picturing a leaking alkaline LOL.

    lithium batteries do not develop memory. the charge cycle is irrelevant. they actually do better when not fully discharged or charged, but don't worry to much about the charging. the absolute worst thing you can do to hurt a.laptops battery life is leave it in while your plugged in and using it for extended periods. laptop batteries decay faster when stored fully charged, and when subjected to heat, which is exactly what happens when your plugged in. obviously you aren't going to take it in and out constantly, but for instance if you leave it plugged in and turned on on your desk for a week at a time you should remove the battery while its partially charged and store it

    lots of technical stuff here
  4. Awesome answers, cheers everyone!
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