Samsung NP550p7c Gaming laptop wont run games.

Hi there,

I recently bought a Samsung NP550p7c with the hopes of it being a capable platform to play games on a Laptop.

I'm having trouble with it running any games. With each game I've tried, Skyrim, Portal 2, Dawn of War 2, Total War plus several others it crashes in the exact same way every time.

It starts running intro screens and then freezes, the display shows what had been there up to the point of crash but computer becomes unresponsive. No amount of ctrl+alt+del or alt+f4 or alt+tab (ing) works.

In the end it has to be a forced shutdown to clear the problem.

Strangely 1 game that does work is Quantum Conundrum.

It uses nVidia optimus setting to switch between the i7's GPU and the GT 650 and I suspect its something to do with that.

Ideally I'd like to shut off the optimus system but there doesn't appear to be and option to do so in the BIOS like I've seen on Dell systems.

I've tried using the nVidia control panel to specify the programs explicitly use the nvidia GPU and indeed the whole system wide to prioritise it, and even the other way round with the Intel GPU.

I tried looking for a new driver but nvidia drivers dont work and the samsung website doesn't have any newer drivers.

I'm stuck at this point and I could use some advice?
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  1. Using Steam?
    If so check the Steam forums for Steam/Optimus settings.
  2. Yeah I'm using steam, browsing to the path of each game and setting it to use the nvidia gpu changed nothing :(
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