Fresh install of XP - deleted all Acer partitions on HDD

I have removed the HDD from the Aspire netbook and connected it to my Desktop. I can read the drive and used a XP install CD to reformat ALL partitions even the recovery partition ( because recovery did not work) .

However it seems to install and load OK but when I go to restart the HDD IN the Aspire it comes up with blue screen errors and not run windows- would run windows on the desktop though.

What is wrong? Do I need to do the XP install via a USB device with the HDD IN the Aspire only??

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  1. Yes.
    Or you could try running it in the Acer in safe mode the first time. If it works and chooses the right hardware good for you , if not, then a clean install in the Acer machine is the best way to go.
  2. If you reinstalled the operating system in your desktop using the hard drive from your Aspire netbook, you are ignoring the probability the you have a different chipset and motherboard in the desktop and netbook. The installation process installs the drivers for both the chipset and motherboard. You have do the installation in your netbook. You would have to make a bootable USB drive to perform the installation process. I would suggest you use a more modern operation system the Windows XP.
  3. HI Howardp6,

    Thaks for the info. I did reckon I would need to install drivers later but as you can see I was oversmart and encountered troubles.

    Which OS would you use? I thought win7 would be too high end for the lack of ram in the netbook so thats why I wanted to reinstall XP - Happy to have your input

    THE second problem now is I did create a boot USB - I thought I had correctly- with I386 and all the necessary files - Used instructions on the second thread on this link:

    Anyways the USB boots on the net book but I get :

    C: prompt with the message 'Type the name of the command interpreter e.g. C:\windows\

    I went to use fdisk.exe and nothing. I tried and it said t was the wrong version so I replaced the version of and reinserted the USB drive and now I get:


    Please press Ctl +ALT+ DELETE to restart yout computer

    Nothing is happening???

    What do I do??
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