Can i install windows xp in my sony vaio model no. e-450?

can i install windows xp in my sony vaio e-450?
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  1. Can you find WinXP drivers for your hardware?
    Is so, then yes.
    If not, then no, you can't.
  2. u mean i need a driver cd?
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    go yo sony support site and download all the drivers for winxp for your computer model. put them on a usb stick.

    Before installing windows xp, create recovery discs (about 4 dvds) in case you need to restore it back. And copy all you data to another drive. Installation of winxp requires a reformat of harddrive.

    Any reason to use winxp? There is no more support from MS.
  4. thnks a lottt
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  6. Did you find the drivers?
  7. ya i got it
    on this link of vaio's official webpage
    again thanks a lott to both of u tc:)
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