What do you do if your camera wont come on the computer

what do you do if your camera wont come on the computer, i just bought it today, it didnt work the first time i put it in, then i tried for ages and it finally worked when i switched on the internet. but now (even though the internet is still on) it wont come up on the laptop 'Computer' folder. what do i do?????
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  1. More info...

    What kind of camara? are you trying to view your pictures on your digital camera?
    or are you talking about a webcam for like video chat?

    If it's a digital camera, there might be a setting on the camera itself to turn on usb data transfer mode. Or you could try just taking the memory card out and inserting it directly into the computer.

    If it's the latter, you probably just have to install the drivers. IF you're camera is new, just pop in the CD that came with it. If it's used, then find the drivers for it in the manufacturers website.
  2. It sound like you are trying to access you pictures through your wireless network(no cables). Can you see the camera under network(instead of my computer)?
  3. Thank you to both Users who answered. They've both helped. Now my camera is viewed on the laptop ,turns out the camera views under 'Network'.... :) :) :)
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