Averatec 5110H

I am considering buying a Averatec 51110H to replace a three year old Compaq. Does anyone have an opinion as to the reliability of this model? The price seems quite low for a Pentium M model.
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  1. When buying a laptop, I personally prefer one with a brand. (e.g. sony, toshiba, compaq, dell, gateway...) Unlike a desktop, every laptop is different, most parts are manufacture/model specific, meaning a motherboard from a gateway laptop will most likely not fit in a dell laptop)In other words, it is a pain in the ass to fix the laptop yourself mainly due to the parts availibility. If the event that your laptop dies, there is a greater chance of a smaller company not being around to fix your laptop than a bigger company.
  2. On the other hand, I've seen some good deals from Averatec before. If the laptop does break and the company is gone, it gives you a reason to get a newer, better, laptop. :smile:
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