German boy, 11, calls police to complain about chores

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  1. yeah..!

    none of that imbetween nonsense.
    if you were filling up the middle space with comedy, how come we dont see more comedy specials on television?

    how come we dont see more teenagers trying to be funny and polite?
  2. Rare but not unheard of. If I am the cop I will tell the kid to finish the chores.
  3. He might have searched patricide before kb was taken away.

    I know I shouldn't make fun of it, and now I think about it, it is terribly depressing :(

    I will continue in emo depression mood until I find a good joke.
  4. I could recommend this for a lost and wayward emo (romantic):

    Why listen to that emo rubbish when a good sad song was made 30 years ago ... plus the musicians were better ... could play their instruments more proficiently.

    Now give me 40 pushups and go out and wash the dishes for your mum and make her happy.
  5. Noooo.... you misunderstood me. I don't listen to emo music and I am not emo.

    I am using it as an adjective for the sudden mood swing from cheerfully making a joke, to the realization that someone actually die and a family ruined.

    Anyway, listened to the songs. Didn't know there is a band call Nazareth until now. Not bad, but not my type or rather not for my current mood.

    I am usually in the mood for dance and trance.

    and scroll down to my recommendation.

    Also, just some random emo stuff if you haven't watch already:

    I am not sure if you understand the parody (depends on how much Japanese Anime you watch). But if you do, you will ROTFLOL
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