Your mission... Find me a reliable midrange laptop please

Hello all,


15.6" Screen

as high res as possible for budget


6 cell battery should be fine

Not going to be used for gaming only for watching HD content, web browsing, listening to music (good decent in-built speakers wanted, if that's possible) etc.

300 - 500gb HDD

As much RAM as possible for budget

AMD or Intel CPU i5 preferred over i3

Windows 7 home prem will do

DVD/cd drive, write/read speed not important

Good longevity

From UK so or Lenovo's would be preferred

Budget as close to £400

Been looking at Thinkpad Edge E530 with these custom specs:


Acer and Lenovo's product line preferred, for I know they both make pretty solid laptops, not as good as IBM did but...

Thank you in advance :D
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