"The dependency service or group failed to start"

So I have Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit and its on a crappy Sony Vaio that's a few years old. My 7 install is on a spare Maxtor 20 gig hdd so I can't reinstall 7 without losing my data. The issue came about like this:

I had a virus giving me issues. This computer is not terrible but its slow to the point that I dont like to put a virus scanner on it because start up would take forever

I put in a malwarebytes live knoppix based CD and did a scan and it removed a rootkit and some trojans and other stuff. That was annoying because I don't know how I'd get such things as I'm never in bad parts of the internet, though I know pop ups and some ads can give you viruses too.

So after I removed the viruses I booted back in to windows and it wouldnt connect to my local network or the internet. That was really odd, so I figured id fix it with a reboot. That didnt work. I went to the 7 networking center menu thing and it said (instead of the pretty picture where the internet connection is displayed with your computer, your LAN, and the internet) "The dependency service or group failed to start." I was like WTF! and then I went in to the services menu and sure enough the 4-5 services dealing with networking were off. And if I tried to manually restart them, I get the same error. Its really annoying.

I did some googling on it and saw that the issue was really common in Vista. I tried to do some of the fixes people had done successfully, like doing "netsh winsock reset" and making sure that in msconfig I was set to do a normal startup. Nothing worked.

So I've come here to the most knowledgeable people I know. How would I fix this??
I appreciate any help!

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  1. PudgyChicken,

    Because your computer was previously infected with a virus, it could be that your networking (i.e. hosts file, network adapters, etc.) became corrupted. Can you try to do a custom installation of Windows 7? The custom install process will back up your data and move it to a Windows. Old folder.

    Microsoft Windows Client Team
  2. Hmm... Are you sure it will let me do this with only about 6 gb free space?? The windows HDD is only 20gb.
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