Lenovo y560 getting heat too much what shouid i do to decrease heat?

i have bought lenovo ideapad y560 having i-5 core processor. if i play a game for sometime, my laptop gets overheated and shutsdown. As lenovo says that it is a gaming laptop, but it doesn't support high gaming resolutions. i cant play a game for atleast 20 min also.

What should i do for this???? I am too frustrated on this..???

Help me soon... :(
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  1. The best thing you can do, after blowing any dust out of it, is to use in on a cooling pad. I don't use my laptop without one anymore. Something like this
    with movable fans that you can place under your vents or something like this
    with it's massive single fan.
    Keep your vents on the bottom and side unrestricted - if you are unable to get a cooling pad, it's best to use your laptop on a hard, flat surface (not a lap)
  2. i have the same laptop, here are some tips since the fan in this lenovo is uncontrollable and dont make the backward flash to bios 59 or the unlocked one, they are still useless

    1 verify your fan works (stupid notebook makes it spin until its somewhere 120F so if you dont see it spin below dont panic :ouch: )

    2 get notebook cooler fan, any will do since even the expensive ones are not miracle workers

    3 replace the thermalpaste with arctic cooling and applying it in a good way

    4 clean the heat disipator of all dust

    and dont get your hopes up, its a notebook and even the best gaming laptop wont ever be something 600 dollar desktop can give you, so do like i did, i opted for buying myself a 2000 dollar desktop and left this notebook just for light gaming at work :)
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