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Hi, I´ve got a Gigabyte Radeon 9600pro, AMD 2500 Barton and 512 DDR., but for some reason in some games the graphics look weird. For example, in GTA3, it goes really fast the game, but, hmm, it´s hard to explain, it´s like no matter what resolution is it, the game has like this double triple, or more image of the same thing for just a second, when the thing moves really fast. I know its hard to understand, but i´m sure it´s not the card, nor its frame rate.
I´m lost here people
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  1. GTA 3 has a lot of problems when it comes to texture display. A lot of the times, turning off the frame limiter will give a better framerate, but buildings and even parts of the road won't be displayed until you're right next to them. Make sure your frame limiter is ON. It may seem/look a little slow, but you won't get (as much) texture corruption.
  2. It sounds to me like a graphical feature of GTA3, called something like Motion Blur (don't remember exactly). Try to deactivate it and see.

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