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I want to upgrade my GFX Card. I have read countless posts, reviews, ect, and now I have a headache. The problem is that most of the reviews use the latest and greatest systems, so its hard to get a feeling on how these cards run on an older system. I have a Dell 8200 1.8 P4, 512 of pc800 ram, w/ a 4x AGP slot. Current card is a nV Gforce3 Ti 500 64 meg card. I can't see the need of spending $4-500 on one of the latest cards, as my system isn't up to the task. I would like to stay w/ nV cards so I don't have any driver issues. If I understand correctly, nV uses the same driver for all its cards. So, I could just drop in a new card and be done with it. My previous computer seemed to have problems after going from a Nv card to an ATI. So, what is the best card for my system??? I was thinking of the 128mb 5700 Ultra or is that too much card for my system??. Thanks in advance for the info.

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  1. Although the 5700 Ultra is a bit cheaper I'ed recomend getting a 5900XT since its the most performance per dollar among Nvidia's cards. Theres probably on average a $20 difference between the two cards.

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  2. I had a dell with a 1.5ghz p4(willimette, ugh) At that time I went from a geforce3ti500 to a BB ATI radeon 9600, the geforce had a bad fan and I thought it would be fun to get something different. What an incredible piece of crap that 9600 turned out to be, it ran nothing any better than my gf3 and some things worse. But a couple months later I got a whole new setup with a p4 2.66/533 and some dual channel DDR and bam the 9600 no longer sucked. It made such a huge difference I couldnt believe it. I would think that geforce 3 is probably running optimally with your current cpu. I doubt that a high end card would be all that it could be in your system. But if you do get a new card I would definately consider a 9600xt you can get a retail boxed gigabyte at newegg for 150$, thats quite a bit cheaper than a 5700ultra and the cards more power efficient which may be an issue with your system, and just as fast if not faster. Getting rid of nvidia drivers wont be a big deal just use driver cleaner or nasty file remover.
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