How to check the hardware of a stolen laptop recovered by police model hp dv6-61

my laptop dv6-6121tx was stolen and again recovered by police but i find the HDD changed with os change, also dvd writer is changed, i dont know yet any other hardware theft or removal or change,what should i do now and how to revert the laptop to its original factory setting?
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  1. Did you make a recovery disk when you first had the laptop? if not then maybe you could contact the manufacturer of the laptop and see if you could return it to them to have the operating system reinstalled.
  2. contact the manufacturer and prove ownership, and they will send you recovery disks for a small fee. you are supposed to make the disks when buy it...
  3. Hi theunfortunateguy,
    You can obtain the recovery media online at If you need assistance with this I work for HP. Please email me with your product and contact information at Please include in the subject line Attn: Veronica-Tom.
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