3DMARK 03 vs 3DMARK 2001 scores!!

Aloha to all!!
Ive just recieved my new 9800Pro 128MB and fired up some benchies....however i noticed something real weird...

First: my 3DMARK 2001 went up from 3200 to ~7800....no too great.....

Second: my 3DMARK 03 went up from 108 to 4848!!! Now that's a nice leap.....


Why is my 03 mark improvement soooo much better than my 2001??

Last week i benched my rig with a friends 9500Pro to see if it was of any use to get a 9800Pro on my OLD OUTDATED machine..and i scored 7400 on 3DMARK 2001...so the 9800Pro gave me only an additional 300 points???

I know that the CPU is holding me back...but i saw a great jump in 3DMARK 03??!!

Tomorrow i'll try Aquamark!!
Is this within NORMAL???




Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP
DirectX Version: 9.0b
Mobo Manufacturer: ABIT TH-7 Raid
Mobo Model: i850-W83627HF
AGP Rates: (Current/Available) 4x / 1x, 2x, 4x
CPU: Intel (Willamette) Pentium 4 1493 MHz
FSB: 100 MHz
Memory: 256 MB RDRAM
Graphics Chipset: ATI RADEON 9800 PRO
Driver Version: (Catalyst 4.5)
Video Memory 128 MB
Core Clock: 378 MHz
Memory Clock: 338 MHz
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  1. IIRC, 2001 is much more system dependent than 2003. 2003 gives similar scores for systems differing in all but video cards. For comparison, sticking a 9800pro into my 1800xp system nets 10,000 '01 marks and 5000 '03 marks.
  2. 3dmark01 still seems low though...

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  3. =)

    2001 score is too low

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  4. any particular reason u think??

    Or should i rerun??

    By the way...since i've never owned anything newer than my 4 years old Radeon ddr 64MB....IS THIS HEAT NORMAL??

  5. 2001 score seems really low, but as you said your processor is holding you back as it too has to crunch a fair few numbers and pass them onto your GPU, FYI with my rig 2001 pulls 15,500 everything running stock std, no O/Cing at all. So you might want to put a new CPU on your wishlist (and a new MoBo) real soon.


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  6. LMAO, YES, there IS such a thing as a stupid question! Let me rephrase that for you:

    "Why do I get a larger gain in a DirectX 9 benchmark then a DirectX 8 benchmark, when upgrading to a DX9 card?"

    And now that I've rephrased the question I think you'll know the answer!

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  7. yeah, the heat is normal on the newer cards. go to newegg and order a VGA silencer.
  8. I get your point...but still a DX9 card should perform all the DX8 intructions with top performance....I should be getting more than ~7500....

    R u trying to say that if i upgraded to say a Ti-4600 i would have got a better score in 2001 but a worse score in 2003...thr latter is obviously clear, but the former is not.
  9. anyways..after running all the games i've got for like an hour...I reru 3DMARK2001....WEIRD...

    NOW I GET 8332 !!

    Just repeated after like 1 hour..No tweaks whatsoever...STRANGE....I GAINED LIKE 1000 POINTS!!

    Any one care to elaborate why??
  10. Considering your CPU is roughly as powerfull as a PIII 1000EB, I'd say 8332 is only slightly low!

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  11. AquaMark Score: 23207

    guess thats low too...whatever!!!

    I hate complaining about low scores!!
  12. Time to pitch that chunk of silicon and get a decent processor.

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  13. Well not sure how the rest of the system affects this (system resources feeding VPU), but your Graphics results is about the same as my <A HREF="http://arc.aquamark3.com/arc/arc_view.php?run=1216135171" target="_new">R9600Pro at stock speeds</A>.

    You 3Dmk01 scores are lower <A HREF="http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k1=7736662" target="_new">than mine</A> in every area but Nature, which proves your card is an R9800Pro, but it also proves that you're being heldback by the rest of your system.

    But the 3Dmk03 scores are a positive result, as they're higher than my faster system and overclocked 535/355 R9600P from last year.

    So like everyone else has been saying, looks like you'll need to upgrade the rest of the system to get better results. But the REAL questions is how do you like it in games, if it's ok there, then who cares what your results in these tests are?

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  14. I had the same exact pos willimette cpu until about 3 months ago. That chip is a dog, I have nothing good to say about it. I have since upgraded to a p42.66/533. That and a ti4400(all stock no oc) get me 12000 in 3dmark 01se (330).
  15. well well well...there goes my Nikon D70 project..!!!!

    I'm in the market ONCE MORE FOR A NEW COMPUTER!!!

  16. The R9800PRo was a good purchase, it just showed you may need an upgrade by exposing the wealness of the rest of your computer, but it wasn't a bad choice.

    No one is forcing you to upgrade, and if you had added an R9600Pro or an FX5700/59xx you would have come to the same conclusion. If you're going to do photo editing, this should be fine, but of course even there you would benifit from a faster setup for applying effects.

    MAn thing is don't let becnhmarks make you upgrade, stop and think if you REALLY need this.

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  17. Yeah i know....Its not the benchies that made me think of upgrading...actually EVERYTHING IS SLOW ON THE PC...EVEN OFFICE 2003.....

    My pc was purchased in 2001...it was a speed demon then...well...its time to upgrade....

    Thing is...i wanted to wait out this phase and go for the 775 socket...damn!!
  18. naahh...HD is fine....

    I'm sure its the RAM...but they cost a fortune these RDRAM modules...and i nees to get them in pairs!!
  19. NOT RAM; I gained 3000 points on a geforce 3ti200 going from a 1.7G willy to a 2.4 Nothwood, 6000 to 9000 3DMark2001 points) . This is the problem area, with 256K cache, you got a serious bottleneck. Upgrade CPU, ebays a good bet, depending on what your mobo will support.
    Alternativly you would probably see some good gains if you up the FSB...

    MIS645Ultra/2.4G A-Pent/2*Corsair 256MBit CL2-2-2-7XMSLLPT PC3200 DDR RAM/450W Enermax PSU/1*40Gig 7200rpm Wes-Dig/1*20Gig 7200 Hitachi Disk/GeF3 Ti200 LeadTek G-Card running 520/230 Ram/Core MHz.
  20. "It's a RAM problem because you're experincing slowdowns in 2D not 3D environment."

    Now that's a VERY intelligent remark...yeah..actually all 2D applications take ages...like going thru my files..my computer...pushing start...so on...

    But why do u assume RAM deficiency doesnt affect 3D as much??
  21. Well....I JUST LOST LOST LIKE 20GD of really important stuff on my D partition of my 60GXP IBM for no reason whatsoever....and it was while reinstalling battlefield 1942 to check it out with my new 9800Pro....(ran like [-peep-] on the older radeon)

    At 99% the whole thing FROZE...i restarted...which is the first in like 3 months or so....but i get a BSOD just after posting.....
    tried everything...safe mode...last known good config...F2 fix mode....rebooting with WinXP in CDROM and tried to fix XP....


    from DOS...

    C: showed healthy directory

    D: ERROR??!!

    WENT TO A FRIEND AND PLACED MY 60gxp AS SLAVE ON HIS SECONDRY ide...The drive is recognized by windows...BUT ONLY THE C PATITION CAN BE ACCESSED...D which has all my surgeries, photos, lectures, procedures,movies music....ALL INACCESSIBLE....

    I SHOULD BE SHOT BY THE WAY....I have FULL backups of all the nifty stupid SOFTWARE i keep downloading and some movies and some photos...but i never cared to backup my operations that i spent AGES editing with pinnacle....well....at least i still have the VHS tapes remaining...


    Partition magic, and WINDOWS DISK MANAGEMENT, even though they saw my 29GB D partition and even called it "healthy", could not access the D at all....and kept reporting cluster errors......

    Well.....after like 4 hours.....and a lot of frustration, and hesitation....I HAD TO FORMAT THE D partition....well actually i formated both the C & D...it made no difference any more...

    nOW THE DRIVE IS PERFECT AGAIN...just 40GBs thinner!!!!!!!


    cOULD THIS weird ERROR ON MY GXP be related to the new 9800Pro and the poor PSU i have...i mean related to the electrical needs of the hard disk...SINCE ITS IS CONNECTED TO THE 9800Pro BY A MOLEX CONNECTOR???

    I dont think its a sign of the HD starting to fail...its back in good shape and HD Tach shows good numbers...??

    P.S. my mobo has a Winbond chip on it...when i turn it on..it goes CRAZY because of the -5volt rail ALWAYS OFF LIMITS....

    can this have any DAMAGING EFFECT ON THE 9800 CARD??

    Thanks for bearing with me....

    But really...the last day was CATASTROPHIC!!
  22. The good news is....all my silly benchmark scores went way up after the format, lol...:

    Before:7706, http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k1=7855050
    After:9410, http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k1=7862129

    After:5089, http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k3=2574062

    Before:23207, http://arc.aquamark3.com/arc/arc_view.php?run=1017042861
    After:26405, http://arc.aquamark3.com/arc/arc_view.php?run=1956609501
  23. u really think the drive is dying??

    even though there is NO NOISE OR CLICKING??

    Its been perfect since june 2001??

    ANd the PSU question...can a poor PSU HARM other components by not feeding enough juice...or it will simply die as well??
  24. Well actually they aren't all crap, just a hgher than normal percentage die. The typical failuer rate is one thing (2-5% IIRC) and these drives are experiencing like 3+ times the normal failure rate, part of it had to do with the bearings (once again IIRC).

    Your drive could last as long as any other drive, however they are just notoriously less reliable. Just like Powercolor in the graphics card world, they have a higher rate of incidents, but it doesn't mean al of them are crap, just don't be surprised when the worst does happen if it does. I wouldn't worry about it until you (if you ever do ) get some indication of it failing.

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  25. A no-name POS 300W...its temporary actually...
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