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I'm looking to purchase a laptop for college. It will primarily be used for basic stuff, and maybe light gaming. (MMOs, RTSes, on modest settings). I have a desktop I built if I want to do serious gaming. I also plan to run music stuff on it - FruityLoops, Ableton, etc.

Size/weight is an issue, as I will have to lug it around my huge campus and have classes only a few minutes apart, so I will be trying to move quickly. Eight or so pounds doesn't sound heavy now, but I'm afraid it may too much when I'm carrying text books and stuff.

After looking for a while, I found this:
The i5 it comes with is only 2.4ghz. Will that be noticeably slower than the 2.5ghz model? It’s also just the 2nd gen version. Is the 3rd gen much better?

I was also thinking about forgetting the graphics card, and getting this:
It’s got 1080p, which is pretty hard to pass up, IMO.

To be clear, I could use a USB 3.0 SSD with either of them, right? Would I be able to run Windows off of it?

Thoughts, opinions?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Get the ASUS. After a years of being a part of the computer industry HP has been the top dog but i gotta say, ASUS makes D*** good laptops..
  2. Thanks for the reply. I have heard many good things about ASUS, which is why I'm leaning towards that brand. If I decide to choose 1080p over gaming capability, would the HP be a good buy? Anyone know if the integrated graphics would be enough to run music programs such as Ableton?
  3. Bottom line, you cant buy a 500$ laptop and run games at 1080p max settings.. just doesn't work that way.. You want a gaming laptop you pay the price...

    the ASUS will do great with music design and such but perhaps a few low end games and be handled
  4. ASUS X53SV $630
    5.72 lbs, Core I5-2430M & GT 540M

    HP Pavilion dv6-6c15nr $700
    5.78 lbs, Core I5-2430M & Intel HD 3000 Graphics

    Lenovo IdeaPad U400 14" notebook $600
    4.4lbs Core I5-2450M & Radeon HD 6470M
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