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i wanted to buy a Cooler Master NotePal L1 for my 14" laptop.
I know that there are two types of cooler pads: one that BLOW air to the underside of the laptop and the others that SUCK the heated air out.

Now, if the cooler pad BLOWS air to the underside, there are chances that a lot of dust might get blown into the laptop. Im not an expert and dont know how to open and clean the dust out.

As far as I know Cooler Master NotePal L1 blows air [correct me if i am wrong]
If it blows air, can yu please suggest a different model that SUCKS the air out?
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  1. Virtually all laptop coolers blow air toward the bottom vents (including the Notepal coolers), but I found one which is an exhaust assist here
    I have not used that product but it seems to fit what you're looking for
  2. Well if that is the case then I would stick to NotePal.
    Any way to beat the dust being blown in?
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    A regular schedule (once a week if used daily) of blowing out the vents will go far to keep the inside dust free (or near to). The problem really arises when the vents are neglected for a period giving dust bunnies time to develop. Once the dust has turned to dust bunnies, that's when disassembly would be needed since compressed air would simply blow the dust bunnies back and forth within the laptop.
    As a personal note, don't be afraid to get into the laptop. There are quite a few videos and websites available for virtually all laptop models on disassembly, watch a few about your specific model. Some laptops are very simple to disassemble and others are very involved - you might just have one of the simple ones.
    Hope it helps
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