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hello everybody, I have been doing some researching and thinking. On my toshiba satellite 2535CDS laptop, the cooling fan which is located in the back went out. I was thinking about getting either a replacement fan or should I get these laptop cooling pad that I have been seeing? I am still debating between the two. I was wondering if the laptop cooling pad really works and keeps the temps cool inside tha laptop and keeps the laptop safe from overheating? Or should I just stick with getting the fan which is located in the back of the laptop? Any suggestions and recommendation would be greatly apprecaite. Thanks for your time and help. Happy new year.
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  1. I'd replace the fan, mainly because the fan is what is cooling the CPU. There is no way one of those Laptop cooling Pads could cool just the whole CPU. It will no doubt help cool the laptop, but probably won't do a good job cooling the CPU itself. Especially in a laptop, if the CPU is burnt, your screwed.
  2. You should buy a cooling pad anyway because it does keep the temperature low when you're using your laptop for a long time (work, games, etc.). There are some really cheap but good quality cooling pads out there you can look out for. I use Just Cooler's. It's cheap and the fans are super silent - oh, and I like how the fans pull the heat away from the laptop instead of blowing at it like other ones out there.
  3. You can get yourself a cooling pad by getting a few items that are about 1" tall and placing them under your notebook. This is effectively the function of a cooling pad - just directly placing cool air underneath your notebook. (and that version is free).

    But you should replace the fan. I wouldn't use your notebook until it's been finished.
  4. This thread is 5 years old tomato, even if it were 01-01-08 that would be 11 months ago, WTF !! :non:
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