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Most programs want to install on the C drive, wouldn't that mean that a 150G OS partition would not be good in the length?

- Operation system /C
- Games and programs /C
- Pictures /D
- Documents /D
- Downloaded files (Mainly movies) /D

Would it be best to make a 500G x2 partition?
Also, I bought Windows Vista 64bit with free Windows 7 upgrade, I don't think I need two Operation systems. When I swap from Windows Vista to Windows7, do I need to move everything I want to keep over to the D drive, since the Windows 7 installation on the C drive would erase everything else than the OS itself, right? How about games installed and such?
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    As long as they're bot the same bit~type, you can do "In Place Upgrade" (from Vista, put the Win 7 DVD in the Drive and run the install), and it'll preserve your installed programs and settings.

    Regarding your D drive - just (shut the computer off and) disconnect it prior to upgrading. When you're all done and patched, shut down and reconnect it. Win 7 will treat it as the data drive that it is.
  2. scotteg is right. As long as you're going to stick with 64-bit when you upgrade to Win7, the upgrade installer will (or should) transfer everything, including documents, installed programs, and settings. During the upgrade installation, you must choose "Upgrade". It might give you the option to do a clean install. That would erase everything already on the partition and then install Win7. I've never done an OS upgrade myself, but some people say that it usually leaves behind bloat from the old OS, slowing down the new one. So it's up to you. Upgrade and have everything transferred, but risk a slower OS, or clean install and have to transfer everything manually, but everything's fresh and speedy.
    BTW, you can't install Vista and then Win7 on different partitions. As part of the process, the Win7 installer will get rid of the old OS and invalidate its license. This is true both for an upgrade and a clean install.
    About the partition sizes, it depends entirely on how large your drive is and how much storage space you think you'll use for programs and multimedia. My advice for enthusiasts isn't any good; my Documents folder (which includes all of my videos, photos, presentations, and word documents) only takes up 12.6 GB! :lol:
  3. Rankiz

    If your 1tb drive is partitioned into C and D you will be able to just upgrade vista to 7. 150 gig OS drive is lots, also if you need more it can be resized later.

    Because you have the drive partitioned into two you can install 7 fresh on the C partition and keep everything you have already on D (same drive). If you install fresh you will have to install all your Apps/Games again.

    I have been using Win7 beta since release and i fully intend to purchase it next year when it expires. I intend to do a clean format/install of the full OS and my Apps/Games.... And then create an image, but thats for another thread :)
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