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PC's 1, consoles 0? its the other way around

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September 25, 2005 5:35:29 AM

Am I a "lite gamer," as Aaron McKenna says, because I like the ease of use of a console? I don't think so. The fact is that for every good PC game there are ten for a console, and I don't have to spend hundreds of dollars upgrading a PS2 to play a game. And finally, the gaming options for a console has a diversity PC's can't match.

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September 26, 2005 5:40:26 AM

I absolutely agree. That Aaron dude is a complete moron.


This simplification of PC games playing, as well as the PC operating system itself, alongside a healthy advertising campaign, will help bring the masses back to the PC. The truly hardcore never really went anywhere, and the ability of the PC to go leaps and bounds ahead of all other hardware in terms of versatility will ensure that the PC will always remain a gaming platform.

(1) Why wait for another 10 years or so for a simplified PC O/S when consoles already have that like 20 years ago???

(2) "truly hardcore went nowhere"...this is a such a big joke!!! LOL. Hardcore WHAT? If he said hardcore HARDWARE fans, i would have agreed. Heck, if he said hardcore FPS and RTS gamer, I WOULD AGREE. But hardcore gamers?? Consoles have the best games and variety and beats PC anytime anyday.
1 year ago, when i've upgraded to a near top of the line PC, then i realized how sucky it is. For all the money i've paid, i'm still playing the same boring games. GOOD GRAPHICS does not means GOOD GAMES. A real HARDCORE GAMER will realized this.

The PC still good for FPS(which i don't play) and RTS(which i enjoy occasionally), but other PC games have been so dead for years.

I've a PS2 and XBOX and basically all grounds covered. I still play the PC for C&C:Zero Hours(love this game!) and some retro games on DOSBOX and emulators(consoles!!!).

A true hardcore gamer goes where the GAME is. Not the other way round. I hope he learn his lesson today.