Trouble shooting pc's

I was wondering what the preferences of you are regarding trouble shooting a pc?
So when you got a black screen.

So do you like to always remove the RAM as a first step or resetting the BIOS?

I personally like to use this flow chart.

PS if wrong subsection move please
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  1. I personally try by removing RAM & cleaning it. If this doesn't help, then will think further.
  2. Normally I do it in this order:
    1-reset bios
    2-jiggle ram
    3-clean ram edge connectors
    4-jiggle the gpu
    5-clean the gpu edge connector
    6-if the processor is a land grid array type (LGA), clean contact, if its pin grid array (PGA) then remove and reinsert a few times
    7-if all that fails then back to the ram for swapping banks and removing sticks.
    8-if all that fails and I'm sure the psu is fine then I would probably blame the motherboard.
  3. Thanks for that flowchart, i'm studying to be in the IT field, and this will really come in handy, despite it being a bit dated. When i get a blank screen, i will do a restart, and maybe even a soft reset. If that leads to the same thing, it's probably a bad connector, or GPU, or the mobo is dying.
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