Whats your favorite CD->mp3 app and why?

I am trying to decide on what application to use to convert my 200+ CDs to mp3s.

I want an application that will do the conversion, name the files and fill in all the tag information.

So I just what to know everyone favorite program and why they prefer it to the others.
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  1. My preference is for 'Exact Audio Copy (EAC)' with the 'LAME' encoder.
  2. My favorite one is <A HREF="http://www.cdex.n3.net/" target="_new">CDex</A>. It's fast, easy to use and free.
  3. audio grabber with lame. you will not find anything better than lame as far as mp3 goes.

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  4. I am a big fan of open source so I have settled on CDex.

    However I was disapointed to discover that it could not detect any of my CD/DVD-Rom drives!

    It took me a good 20 minutes of searching the forums and FAQs until I discovered a setting that will tell it not to try to use ASPI.
    to work best.

    If I get bored I might download the source and see if I can write some code that will try each setting and default to the one with the most visible drives.
  5. I hate to sound lame, but seeing as most of my time in front of a computer is at work (buying a house makes home PC time harder to come by), and since it is a large corporation and there are standards (well, a few anyway) I have been using Windows Media Player. Before I get stoned to death, you can use one program to rip, listen and manage, and burn. And it is free. I know that it isn't the absolute best, and you have to "purchase" a plug-in if you really want MP3's and not wma files, but it does the job, and fairly quickly. So it is just an option. =o)

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  6. Cdex is the best so far, for me. (free and can extract cd audio up to 320kbps).

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  7. CDex, it, support Chinese T, free, frequentily update, user friendly.
    I have written a tutorial for it, but in Chinese. Btw, convering 200+ CDs to mp3 takes a time and free spaces, and the quality is not good, compare with CD quality.

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  8. I like to use Winamp to play my Mp3's and i like to use MusicMatch to edit tagz, and burn (burns fast and east)...

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  9. But why mp3? Haven't you heard about ogg?
    Ogg offers better quality at lower bitrate.
  10. maybe becuase mp3 is now the standard format for pc audio, and even in audio components, cd-mp3 support is added.

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  11. Sonic Foundry Sound Forge 6. I like it for one reason, power. It'll cost you, though.
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