Sound from acer4535 laptop is distorted after installing windows 7

I had formatted my acer4535 laptop and installed windows 7 from then onways sound from speakers is distorted.I had tried all means to resolve the problem ie(uninstalling and installing new sound drivers,installing old drivers) but there is no use.
could you please help me...
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  1. Have you tried lowering the sound quality to something like 16bit 48000hz (dvd quality)?
  2. Yea I had tried that one also but there is no use!
  3. hmmm sound volume not too high?

    Don't really know what else to suggest other than the possibility the sound card in the laptop just isn’t compatible with windows 7?. I doubt it but it’s possible I guess, surely if it was working fine before it should work now. What else could have changed?

    What operating system did you have on before and how old is the laptop?

    Hopefully somebody else can help you out.
  4. My laptop is 3years old.I had xp on my laptop before windows7 had installed.
    My friend had same laptop but it is working fine with win7,sound from speakers are fine.
    Could you suggest any other solution....
  5. ok thought of something. Try hooking your laptop to external speakers or headphones and see if you have the same problem. Also make sure in windows 7 speaker configuration it is set to using stereo/2speakers.

    Im out of ideas for now, if something pops up ill mention it. Good luck.
  6. Have you followed up on and installed chipset driver and other drivers associated with your laptop?
  7. I had installed all drivers associated with my laptop.
    Is there is any need to change my laptop speakers?
  8. to see if it is your laptop speakers or the operating system. Using headphones or external speakers will test this.
  9. With headphones sound is good.
    So now please tell me which one I had to change(os or speakers)
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    If sound is fine through headphones and you have configured for 2 speakers and have installed all necessary drivers I don’t know what else it could be.

    Possibly the speakers themselves are wearing out.
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  12. Thanks for helping.
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