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A little background info first. When I first got my pc, I started having problems with my video. When I turned it on, the screen would be "smooshed" and off to the side. Then, once booted into Windows the screen size would be normal but I would frequently get video corruption. Just a whole bunch of weird colored vertical or horizontal lines (I have screen shots). So I had the card replaced (9800 Pro) with a newer 9800XT and everything seemed to be perfect again.

Shortly after, the "smooshed" screen started coming up during boot. Also, I have found that when entering safe mode, the screen remains messed up. Basically, I've come to the conclusion that the screen is like that up until windows loads the normal video drivers for the card. This is why it was messed up in safe mode, due to the lack of video drivers loaded.

Anyway, I'm just trying to figure out what is wrong so I can fix it. I think I can eliminate the video card since Ive had it replaced and am still having this problem. Now its down to the AGP port, the entire motherboard, or the monitor itself? But I dont even know if those things could cause a problem like this. If anyone could help me out, id really appreciate it. Tech support sucks and I seem to know more than they do.
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  1. The problem is almost certainly related to your card overheating. I have the exact same problem with my regular 9800. Funny lines and dots at boot or at safe mode sometimes, but working perfectly when drivers loaded properly.

    I'm guessing maybe the fan revs up slowly during boot, and so the core overheats temporarily, thus causing the lines. Persistant lines through to safe mode I'm not sure of, guessing maybe the drivers speeds up the fan for a sec or two during normal operation, cooling it enough to remove the lines.

    If you're having the problem even with your newer card, your case might be having airflow problems. How many case fans you got & how are they arranged?

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  2. Well the problem with lines is now gone with the new card. I no longer have that. However the problem with the picture being squashed is still there. Nothing wrong with the picture besides that. There are no lines or any kind of corruption. Looks totally normal except for the size and placement. As for air flow, I would say I have a decent set up. 5 case fans total, 2 blowing outward in the back, 2 blowing inward in the front, 1 blowing inward on the side near the video card. also have one or two (not sure) fans within the power supply. and of course the heat sink and fan on both the cpu and graphics card itself.

    The problem seems to persist up until the very point that the drivers load and correct the problem. That made me think that there may be something wrong with the default video driver. I found a dll bootvid.dll or something that I assume is related to the video display during booting.
  3. Can you try lowering your mons refresh rate right now? Set it at 60Hz.

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  4. Its not a constant thing so I dont see how that would help. I would still be having the same problem because when it <i>does</i> load correctly, the screen will then be oversized.
  5. Tried setting it to 60 in windows and its looks fine except for that horrible flashing. =P This is what the computer uses at start up isnt it? 800x600@60hz
  6. Yep. Dunno what to tell ya man, I suspected that your mon might be broke, but it seems like its not.

    Goo luck fixing it.

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  7. What card did you have? Some such as the Gainward Golden Edition Geforce 4 Ti4200 were known to have display corruption problems.

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  8. I have an ATI Radeon 9800XT. The problem just went away for a few days but sure enough its back. It cant possibly be my monitor or my card. But it doesnt seem logical that it would be my motherboard either. What the hell. Cant figure out what it could be.
  9. strangely, i can sometimes get the video fixed by switching the power supply on/off a few times. doesnt last though. i may be able to get my mobo replaced if theres any possible way its that? what do you guys think? its gonna be a huge pain in the ass dealing with customer service.
  10. bump
    any suggestions at all? what possible hardware problems could it be? i have an intel 875 mobo, nec multisync fe991sb, with the ati radeon 9800xt.
  11. you should be testig that monitor on another machine before assuming its other components of your system.

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  12. i dont have another machine to test it on. i just really dont think its the monitor because its so specific to booting and corrects itself once in windows. ill try to get my old one out to test it on.
  13. I am having the same problem as f0rbez. However, mine started after I changed the failing fan on my ATI All in Wonder 9000 pro. When I boot my system, I get the same vertical marks from the initial monitor display through the Windows logo. Then the screen goes blank (as it always did), indicates "no DVI" and when it came back on (I presume via DVI), everything looks great.

    I also have Ubuntu installed, and if I go into it, the screen has the vertical lines even after I get the Ubuntu desktop (where the mfg drivers for my card are not installed, rather just the Ubuntu default drivers for the card.

    It obviously has something to do with whatever default driver handles the video from the BIOS to whenever Windows drivers take over. Could there possibly be a problem in a BIOS setting or could someone explain what handles the monitor display until Windows loads and takes over?

    If there is any knowledgeable person out there on these drivers or that can really provide an answer, it would be appreciated.
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