Need help with VAIO AC charging while gaming

Hi !
i Usually play games with my laptop connected to AC adapter. I noticed this problem a couple of days ago , while i play games and during the graphics intense states the charging stops for a second or so and the charging light on my laptop blinks . It irritates me a lot because whenever this shift from AC charging to Laptop battery occurs i notice a halt in frame rate while gaming and the LCD flickers for a second or so . Other than playing games the laptop charges just fine .

Is this a problem with my laptop or my charger?

I need help before i buy a new charger for my laptop or get my laptop checked .

Thanks in advance !

MY LAPTOP : Sony VAIO VPCF236F with 1GB Nvidia 540M Graphics card.
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  1. possibly a problem with the battery. you can remove the battery and simply use the a/c power.
  2. but my battery works fine it gives me about 3 or more hours untill a recharge is required .
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