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Hello there ,thanks for reading this ..I am trying to attach the ribbbon from the trackpad on a DV9000 and I am having no luck at all.I broke the clip that holds the ribbon in place sometime ago and thought I would hold it in place using modellers glue,well you can imagine that did not work,I did sucessfully get the mouse to work after two days trying but it came loose before reassembly,that was about a week ago and I have tried to reattach this ribbon so many times I have destroyed the end of the ribbon.I then bought a new ribbon which arrived today and I was sure that it would be okay and I could get the mouse to work and then tape down the connection..however,I still can not get the mouse working..the ribbon seems to be all the way in and I don't know where to go from here.all quite annoying really as I have perfomed a succesful reflow on this laptop and now am scuppered by a ribbon attachment.any tips,advice or even old wives tales would be gratefully accepted with humility (in a whisper)-heeeeelp
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  1. Learn from your mistakes.
  2. ram1009 said:
    Learn from your mistakes.

    Yes sir
  3. I know this is kind of late... but there is a pen with conductive ink, I have had very good success repairing things like this with a combination of glue and re-tracing the circuits with the pen... It is "CircuitWorks CW2000" but there are other brands too. If you are in CA, Frys has one for $20 bucks...

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