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I am just about to make a duel boot system and im am finding it difficult to understand partitioning. If someone could tell me ho to install win XP and red hat linux on i would be great full.

Something i need to know are how to use fdisk properly to make a partition for linux like which one is it primary DOS etc?

Or if someone could gmme a step by step guide on how to do it. or if there is another link about it to tell me plz.

thanks guys
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  1. Hi,

    Welcome to the Linux World. Here is a link:
    I would suggest you to do a google search and look for places such as the linux documentation project and red hat how to's. Linux is a lot different than Windows in the fact that you have to learn a lot of things by trial and error and also by doing a lot more reading and work
  2. If you have a blank HD then do this:

    1. fdisk and make a single partition as big as you want to have for XP. Install XP. You should still have some unpartitioned space left on your hard drive.

    2. Boot from the redhat cd. You will come up to a very nice graphical partitioning tool. Create your linux / partition and swap partition in the free space. Install linux.

    Don't mess with fdisk and trying to make a linux parititon because you will run into primary dos/extended dos/logical drive/active partition issues. It can be done, but it's easier to avoid it :)

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  3. Ok thanks for the help. I just ask for one last thing. i want to have a partition for win XP and partition for data disk and partitions for linux.

    I have partitions magic and i was think of making a NTSF ( or whats eva its called) for win XP. THen a FAT32 for the data. and just leaving say 5-10 gigs for linuxs and its partitions

    so what i was gonna do was make the partitions for windows and data then just leave free space for linux to partition itself into.

    Will this work or do i have to go about it some other way..

    I have 80 gigs which will be spilt into
    20 gigs for XP,
    50-55 for data,
    5-10 for linuxs.

    thanks for the help
  4. linux can partition the free space during the install. it will work.

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  5. You're a smart guy :)

    That's almost exactly how I have my disk partitioned, 20 for XP, 55 for data, 5 for linux (4.5 for linux / and 500 for swap).

    The easiest way is to fdisk a 20 gig partition for XP, and install it. Install partition magic, set up your 55 gig partition for data, format that, and then reboot with the linux cd to let that set up the rest of your disk :)

    Some day I'll be rich and famous for inventing a device that allows you to stab people in the face over the internet.
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