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My laptop keyboard is typing wrong symbols

Help! My keyboard symbols are messed up and I have checked my language settings and they are set to U.S., which they were before.

when I try to type a quotation mark it comes out as [ and the "at" symbol types up the quotation mark. Several other keys are also mixed up. I remember this happening before and it was solved by some key combination, I don not remember it though. Please help!
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  1. set the language you want to use first as default should bring everything back
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    The key combination you're referring to probably switched your keyboard layout.
    For examply, I use Dvorak to type, but to switch over to regualar QWERTY, my family presses Alt+Shift.
    Note, that's because I have it set up that way. Your combination might be different.
    Try this:
    Control Panel --> Search "languages" --> Click "Change keyboards or other input methods" --> Click the button that says "Change keyboards"
    If you see anything other than plan "US" or "English" under "Installed Services", remove it.
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