I5 3210M & GT650M @ 1366x768

I'm picking up a ~14" laptop for a friend. They want it to be "quite capable" of gaming, but not break the bank (don't we all?). I found one just inside his budget with the following specs:

i5 3210M Ivy Bridge @ 2.5 GHz (dual core with HT)
14" "HD" display @ 1366x768

I'm thinking gaming at that resolution for the GT650M should be flawless (most games on Ultra with no MSAA), but I'm not entirely sure (being Kepler and all).

What do you think? Would a laptop with these specs be "quite capable?"

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  1. Depends on the game. I have the 650m with the same resolution, and I'm playing Skyrim at max resolution, with all the FXAA and stuff enabled at max (with the high res pack). I don't know about some of the other games, but expect medium to ultra with any game on the market. :)
  2. The nVidia GT 650m is a very capable graphics card. Click following link for benchmarks, and hover the mouse over the graphic settings "Low", "Medium", "High", and "Ultra" to find out what resolution and settings were used for the benchmarks because it differs from game to game. "Low" can be 800x600 resolution. "Ultra" is typically 1920x1080 resolution.

  3. How much does it cost? Link?
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