Which of these 3 PCs should i pick for gaming D:

Ok so each of them have good of everything but some have more cpu and GPU performance i dont know which to pick please help me.
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    Wrong forum, this is for laptops.

    That said, I'd go for the third and last one. The 3.3 Ghz "6-core" will be enough for gaming, and the 560 is the strongest of the three options (which is going to be more important for graphics than any of those three processors).
  2. I agree with Physco. The 3rd one with the GTX 560 is going to have the most graphics horsepower. The 2GB memory buffer on that card is rather nice also.
  3. If you don't want to play "Core games" then I'd choose the first one, that is if you just want simple day to day stuff.

    Now if you want to play games, then the price will go up significantly. Or if you need to use it for higher purpose.

    youkinkyy... read some reviews and think about building one yourself. Building one yourself will give you higher performance and cheaper price. Many stores will help you put it together.
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