Trusty 4730z slowly dying- fix, improve, or replace?

So the Acer 4730z I've used for ages as my one reliable, daily driver computer without reliability issues from tinkering or upgrading is having issues with its lcd panel. It did this about two years ago and I replaced the screen back then. Its fairly easy and the part is under $100 new. But, alas the vista 32 bit system and core 2 duo t3400 are past their prime and that socket has no cheap upgrades. So, I'm torn on 1: replacing the screen for more than the unit is probably worth now and waiting on the new laptop until my custom desktop is done (about 50% done now with~$400 left to get it completed), 2: replace the lcd and add a 256gb SSD to speed things up, slowing the hobby build sligjtly, or 3: buying an Asus i5 notebook and immediately going SSD and max RAM upon purchase. That would kill the current build for a month or two.

I am lucky enough to have a high performance desktop already in use that I can rely on if I just dial down the current overclock and let it run practical settings, plus both 7" and 10" ZiiO tablets for basic email and music/movies/web while travelling. So I'm okay in any event... it mostly comes down to how much viability the old Acer model really holds I suppose...
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  1. I like option 3. Sell or scrap your acer on craigslist for el cheapo, use that money towards a new laptop or towards your current rig.
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