Upgrading dptical dvd to blu ray on Portege R835

Hello, I've been on the quest to find a blu ray drive to upgrade the OEM dvd drive
on my Toshiba Portege R835-p56x. I've learned that Portege R835 carries the 9.5 mm slim optical drive instead of 12.7 mm.

I've also heard that some Toshiba notebooks optical drive is set as master and not slave and there is not jumper to set this
ruling when installing the optical drive.

I don't want to get ahead of my self as this bios setting might not apply to this Portege R835-56x version I purchased last September.

Any feed back will greatly be appreciated.
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  1. Master/Slave only matters if the drive is an older, IDE drive. Your laptop is new enough that it is likely using a SATA drive.

    If you are unsure, pull the drive out and check the connector. IDE uses a rectangular connector, while SATA uses two L-shaped connectors.

  2. Hi Casey,

    It is SATA drive. However I watched a video on Youtube as this guy takes one of this notebooks apart.
    When he got to the ODD it showed how thin it is and that it didn't have upper cover case like most dvd drives do. So maybe I have to take the upper case cover of the new ODD off.
    I will update either way if it's success or not.

    Thanks for you post.
  3. I have found the burner/blu ray Optical drive for my Toshiba Portege R835 and have placed an order. Once install will report back.

    I replaced the keyboard on my Portege R835 few days ago and would like to let you know that it's a BiaTTTTTT!
    If you ever tried to replace the battery on an Apple phone you know that you have to gut out the whom unit before you can get to it.

    The Keyboard is glued to the casing and you have to push it out without too much stress on casing so it won't bend.

    I used a little bid of super glue on inside but BE VERY CAREFUL WITH SUPER GLUE so it won't get outside the keyboard area. Don't worry about the Electrical strip for keyboard on installation as it can be moved out for plug in back into board. Pay attention only on where you have applied glue and that it won't get on out side.

    BTW I didn't not use any paste for the heat sink since you will need to remove the heat sink out of the way.

    Currently, the health monitoring software is showing:

    CPU Temp: 47

    Internal Temp: 37

    Fan Speed: 36%
  4. Few month ago I found and replaced my stock DVD player on my Toshiba Protege R-835-P70 with a blu-ray drive from a site called http://www.laptopdvdrw.com

    They assisted me to pick the right blu ray drive:

    You do have to take off the top cover off the new drive before installation.
    You do have to find a blue-ray player driver and after trying about 8 different ones I picked http://www.aiseesoft.com/

    All others had a lag or slow processing problem which was obvious. I even emailed them and told them about it since I was trying the free version and they said that it should not matter and it could be a hard wear conflict.

    http://www.aiseesoft.com driver works like a charm and its been few month that I've been using the blu-ray player on this notebook without any issues.
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