My acer aspire one 532h wont boot up

I bought my son an acer aspire one netbook from costco a couple of years ago. About a year ago it stopped charging to 100%...then it stopped charging at all and of course it wont boot up at all.

What to do? I have read on Ehow that a bios update or fix is the to get it and fix the net book?
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  1. If it won't charge there may be a problem with the battery, but it should still work on the adapter.

    More information is needed to troubleshoot this: is the damned thing starting at all? Do you see lights come on, hear a fan or is there no effect at all when you press the power switch? If the latter, the BIOS isn't the problem. There could be a problem with the wall adapter or the AC jack.

    If it starts but doesn't boot, does the machine display a message? If so, what message?
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