I don't game, so do I need a dedicated gpu in my notebook?

I need to buy a new laptop. I want a laptop for general purpose. I don't want to play games on it.
I want to surf the web, watch movies, and normal day to day stuff. I want the keyboard so I'm suggesting
a laptop not a tablet.

Is there any reason to buy a notebook with dedicated graphics? I think the new Ivy chips can do
everything I need without extra cost of gpu. There seem to be plenty good notebooks out there.

Please make any comments to things I may be overlooking.
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    Nope. Dedicated graphics are not needed if you are not gaming, running external monitors, etc. Pretty much all decent integrated graphics today will stream video without too much of a problem.

    The new ivy bridge processors have improved graphic abilities too -- so they are better than the integrated graphics of a couple years ago.
  2. Agreed. Also, if I do run an external monitor I'm sure the Ivy can handle it.

    Just looking to seeing if I'm missing anything in my thought.
  3. If my intel 945 GM POS integrated graphics chip can seemlessly run a 1080P 42" TV for non-gaming use, then an Ivy chip will be more than capable. :)
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