Cant get toshiba satellite to reboot windows7 os help!!

Please help!! Toshiba satellite c655-s5514 windows7 os please help!! Can't get it to reboot. Tried everything. Please help. Don't have disc.
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    Exactly how far does it get when you power it up and what does "Tried everything" include?

  2. I can pull up the toshiba logo but after that everything I do leads to flashing
    curser top left of screen. "Everything" includes trying the f8 f12 f2 advanced boot options menu to sytem recovery, holding the zero key when powering on, and holding and tapping f8 while powering on. Anything else?? Please and thank you.
  3. Ok. It starts to load after logo, says" starting windows" the windows logo starts to come up and then it goes to a black screen with a curser or I get a screen that's say checkcable connection/no bootable device--insert boot diskand press any key.
  4. Had the same issue with a satellite also,tried everything you did, even tried re-installing windows 7 got but only get an error during the installation phase..Just a heads up, This is one problem that occurs with Toshiba laptops over time.Not sure of the cause but it happen to my Toshiba satellite p205-s6237,then i just re installed widows XP on it and everything worked fine after that.

    If you have important information on the hard drive i recommend making a back up by; taking out the hard drive and connecting it externally and save what you need,then format the drive and get a XP cd and install it.
  5. Most likely the hard drive is failing or has errors on it. Back it up if you can and then reinstall an OS.
  6. can you get into the bios (F2) ? if so you can set the boot order and run some hardware tests

  7. I'm not sure if this is relevant but some Toshibas have a row of icons on the opening screen, one of which is a pile of CDs and I believe you need to Function 1 or sometimes Escape and F1 to enable the right arrow key to get to that graphic if you want to boot from CD.

  8. How do I do this without a boot cd?

  9. You make one. Download a Linux operating system then download ImgBurn and burn a bootable disk which can start your system. PCLinuxOS is a good one from and ImgBurn comes from

    Linux will give you access to the data so you can take your personal files out to an external disk.

    However, to run Windows checks on the disk, you would need a Windows 7 DVD. Alternatively, take the disk out and slave it to another PC. A borrowed DVD would do - you need the StartUp Repair option which is offered as it starts to install. You can assure the disk owner that you only want it for repair purposes. If you did reinstall it, make sure you can read your Product Key from the laptop case so you can input it when prompted.

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