SSD in Sony PCG-71314L and AHCI

I have a Sony PCG-71314L. I want to replace the 500Gb harddrive with a Samsung 256Gb SSD. The original and latest driver is an Intel SATA/AHCI driver. Sony says SDD's are not compatible with hardware and AHCI cannot be enabled. AHCI is not available in the BIOS (latest version). Should I just clone the drive and proceed?
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  1. If they say it won't work, take their word for it. You can always try it anyway, sometimes manufacturers lie to cover their rear-ends in case something goes wrong. I'm not saying this is the case; they may not work at all.
  2. After further checking, I have found that TRIM is enabled and since the SATA driver is also the AHCI driver, I am going to assume that AHCI is enabled too. I have to say that the response from Sony was via online chat and the responder seemed to be covering his butt. I felt like I knew more about the machine (and issue) than he did. I'm sure the company line is, 'your machine is old, better get a new one'. It's not two years old yet! I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks.
  3. Please do.
  4. phyco,

    Going out of town until Friday. I'll let you know then.
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