Laptop Screen Confusion

Hi and thanks for looking at this post.

A couple of months I was asking for help to fix the LCD screen on my daughters laptop. I have exhausted all of the advice and need some more help.

The problem was that the screen was going dim, slightly red tinged, and eventually, I had to keep lowering the brightness to see the image (and pressing Fn+F6 a lot). The video card is fine as we have been using an external monitor.

So, I finally changed the inverter, twice and that did nothing. Then, instead of changing the CCFL bulb, I replaced the LCD panel with the same Hitachi one.

After fitting the new panel, it worked fine for about 4 hours, and then it just started going dimmer and dimmer, same red tint to the image, and having to lower the brightness to see the image (pretty unusable though like that).

So, we are back to the external monitor and I'm unsure about what I could try next. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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  1. why didn't you change the bulb...
  2. I thought it was too fiddley and I risked breaking something else. Plus, the LCD panel was 6 years old and I thought for the difference in price between bulb and panel, that it was better.
  3. Oh. Ok. So you replaced the whole assembly with the bulb? Thought you were saying just the panel for some reason lol
  4. You didn't happen to get it off Ebay did you? I wouldn't be surprised if someone parted out a laptop with.a bad display
  5. To clarify, I replaced the whole LCD panel. I didn't replace the bulb because that is obviously included in the new panel, plus, replacing just the bulb is much more difficult than replacing the panel.

    Anyway, any ideas about what to try next if it isn't the panel, inverter, bulb or video card ??
  6. Is there anything else that could cause the dimming screen other than inverter, bulb or LCD panel ?
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