Toshiba l450 problem

hi i cleaned the fan which was covered in dust ,only thing that was unplugged was power sources ,and in side speaker cables ,keyboard and power swith to remove top over to access the fan after the clean i reasembled ,and when powered up nothing on screen ,just black the lighs on the font left are on just nohing on screen me please .
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  1. Double check to make sure everything was plugged back in correctly. How did you clean the dust from the fan?
  2. hi the fan was cleaned with a small paintbrush ,double checked all connetions all sound ,i did however notice that the screen ribon has a bnd coming frm it (a sort of earth strap )when checked the band dosent seem to full its got a copper strip that seems to be broken, i done many before buthi ha lost me ,could it be processer ,i reset the ram ,don e a hrd reset ,but stil nothing on screen,theres just three lights at the front thats all
  3. When you attempt to power on, can you hear the fans spin at all?

    Did you touch any of the internal components, potentially causing static shock?
  4. yes it spins up for a little while then stops ,i can also hear the hard drive spin up ,before i opened it i discharged it with none of the power supplys plugged in ,and have a wrist band on .
  5. Hmmmm, odd. I'm not entirely sure what else can be done at this point. =/ Hopefully someone else may be able to help you here. Right now, I'm thinking it could be the monitor lead or the motherboard.
  6. life was cool then came ,unwanted issues thanks for ur imput ,regards chrs .
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