Best laptop for my mom under $500

Hello community,

I am currently looking to buy a laptop for my mother that is under $500.

She will be mainly using this laptop for internet surfing and microsoft programs.

It would be like great if it has some cute design/color with size 14"

Any recommendations will be great!

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  1. any laptop recommendations?
  2. with only $500 you're going to be scraping the bottom of the barrel. also 14" laptops tend to be more expensive than equivalent 15.6" laptops.

    by upping your spending limit to $600 and/or considering laptops larger than 14" you'll find something better.
    what all will your mom do with it?
  3. She will be just using it for internet surfing and some light programs.

    If I raise to $600, what would be the best options?

    She still prefers 14" one.

    Is this a good laptop?
  4. I disagree that you'd be scraping the bottom of the barrel, since mom's not using it for gaming...

    I just recommended this for my dad yesterday. Buy it on line and pick it up at your local Best Buy.

    Dell Inspiron 15R for $329. Core i3-2350, 4GB of RAM, 500GB hard drive, HD 3000 graphics. pretty nice laptop, I didn't realize how good until I did some research.

    move fast though...
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