Win98 Network Card Detection Problem! Help!

Hey everyone, thanks for checking my post. I'm starting all over with my computer and got rid of Win2000. I'm installing win98 on it right now but it won't detect my network card (3com905c). I tried switching pci slots but no luck. I even tried my friend's D-link card which worked on his computer but win98 didn't detect it either. So I came to the conclusion that it's not my network card.

I tried adding new hardware under control panel. I have the right drivers but it doesn't work. Any ideas? Here are my specs:

Asus a7v
128mb ram
ibm 45gb desktar 75gxp
soundblaster value
ati radeon 64mb w/VIVO
3com 905c network card
800mhz thunderbird athlon
plextor cd-writer
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  1. Is there an "Unknown Device" with a yellow exclamation point in your device manager? There should be. If so, highlight it and then click on "propereties". There will be a button to reinstall the driver. You will need to download the driver from the 3Com site first. Are you runing WIN98 second edition? This 3Com card is old enough that second edition should see it and install it. WINME should also see it. I've found that WINME has a better driver database.
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