Good design laptop with anti glare screen?

I would otherwise be all in for one of the new dell XPS 15" laptops, they have a really nice size and have power but there is no option for an anti glare screen which i would gladly pay more for.

I would honestly just buy a macbook pro with the anti glare screen and throw windows 7 on it if the cost wasnt pushing 2.5k$ by the time i get the spec's similar to the XPS.

Looking for comparable specs to this (the $1,399 or the $1,699 models)
Dell XPS 15"-

So whats out there?
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  1. You can opt to install an anti glare screen protector like the following Green Onions 15.6" protector. However, it may not be an exact fit for the laptop's screen. For example I installed the 14" version on my 14" Lenovo IdeaPad Y470 and there is about a 1/16th of an inch along the bottom that is not covered by the screen protector.

    The screen protector can be fairly difficult to install if you are in a dusty environment though as dust particles can get trapped between the screen and and the screen protector which results in bubbles. You need to thoroughly wipe the screen before installing.

    Here's an installation tutorial.
  2. Most "business grade" laptops have a matte screen, so you can look at those lines from Dell, HP, Lenovo (Thinkpad), etc. Also, the glossy screens on the pricier Sony models have the best anti-reflective coatings I've seen. I'm using one with a window behind me, and I can't see any reflections at all.
  3. Have you ever thought about getting a gaming laptop. A lot of the gaming laptops have a matte screen so when playing games that there is no glare.

    Have you tried looking at MSI, Alienware, ASUS, and etc.

    Here is a link of the gaming laptops out there available.

    Are you planning to take it everywhere you go or will this just sit on a desk?
  4. thanks for the replies,
    the laptop will be going around with me a lot, mostly in a backpack, and possibly in some sort of pelican case. Which is why im going for the XPS15/macbook pro size and style. Im trying to keep weight & profile to a minimum without going for an ultrabook.

    Gaming laptops could be on the heftier side but ill look through the suggestions, the anti glare protector might be the closest ill find to what im going for.
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