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Strange color problem with new screen

My Samsung QX411 has a weird screen color issue going on. The screen was cracked when I acquired the laptop. After replacing the screen is when i noticed a color problem. I checked the LCD connector on the back of the screen and on the motherboard, they are both snug.

I connected the laptop to an external monitor and it looks just fine.

Also, during a shutdown, windows goes through a bit of a color fade. During this fade, there is a step where my screen looks perfect (how it should all the time) right before it powers off.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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  1. Sometimes the back light, if it is a cfl type will go a strange color when it or the inverter/ballast is failing.

    Strange that it would look normal just at shut down.
  2. Finally someone out there with the exact same problem as me!! I also have a Samsung QX411 laptop with a cracked screen. I replaced the screen twice but both times the colors came out strange.

    The laptop's stock screen model was LTN140AT21-801 but when I searched and ordered the replacement online, both times I would receive LTN140AT21-T01 instead. I thought the discrepancy in the last three digits was the cause for the strange colors and tried to get them refunded but I've been told those numbers are just the batch number and shouldn't be related.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  3. It's as if colors brighter than a certain threshold get displayed at a much higher saturation. During windows shutdown, the colors look normal because that's when the windows screen supposedly dims down and the colors are no longer brighter than some threshold....
  4. Has anyone solved this problem yet? I have had this for about 3 months already, no tech around has been able to tell me what is up.

    I have the exact same problem, broke the screen accidentally, installed a new one. Bad colors. Even the same situation during shutdown!

    Help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hi :)

    I own a laptop repair company and we change a LOT of screens for customers...

    There is ONLY one trick to changing a lappy screen....

    The numbers on the white sticker on the back of the screens (old and new) MUST BE AN EXACT MATCH....

    NOT 1 number or letter different...

    All the best Brett :)
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  7. Has anyone found a solution to this problem (ignoring the screen number thing)
  8. I still haven't found a fix. At this point, I've given up. I'm now using the laptop connected to a TV. It serves as a nice media center.
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