Apple MacBook Screen ggoes Dark WHY???

Hi. I have a Apple MacBook 2009 and every now and then the screen just goes dark and I can see the tabs and programs if I shine a light at an angle but thats just it the I'l have to restart the laptop to restore the screen but it will nly last a little while before it des it again. Is it the Inverter???
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  1. You'll need to contact Apple.
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    Sounds like the inverter.

    When I used to fix flat panel lcd monitors usually we would replace the inverter and presto the screen would be back on and you are able to see the the display again.

    I guess your macbook is out of warranty or do you have an extended warranty.

    If it's still under warranty send it in for repair. If it's out of warranty change it yourself if you know how.

    Here is a link below on you tube to change the inverter.

    Have fun. Just don't break anything.
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