First time netbook buyer, and very confused :(

Hi, I am student in NYC and I am thinking of buying an portable computer, either a netbook or a tablet.
I really hate Apple products, so for tablets, it seems Asus Transformer Infinity seemed like the best fit for me, but
I was researching and came across netbook upgrade options to match tablet's specs.

apparently, if you upgrade $300 netbook with SSD and jump to 4GB RAM, they can put about same speed and
battery life. Now, interesting spin is that there is possibility to upgrade your netbook to dual-boot Android, with
all the market thing available. Though some applications don't work, apprently, it's feasible. Also, you can get
a touch screen kit, and totally make the netbook almost tablet like.

So, it basically seemed like upgraded netbook will be slightly heavier but still allow media consumption (videos in full HD) and have Microsoft Office for serious work, whereas, tablet has way better resolution & portability (since you can detach the screen) but lacks Microsoft Office and other window based softwares (ex. Photoshop).

Those things aside, I was looking into the processors and memory, but I am so new at these, I couldn't decide which was better.
So, here are the questions:
- Between Asus Transformer Infinity and Netbook (ex. Aspire One) which one has better CPU and Graphic Card? Which one would have better resolution overall and video compatibility?

Sorry for the long post, and any answer would be appreciated! Thanks!!!
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  1. The Asus has a better CPU and graphic card. The only problem is the system uses Android. The Asus has a 32gb that starts at 499.00.

    For that much might be better just to get a laptop. There are laptops out there with the newest processors and a lot of RAM and storage space for the same price or even lower.

    If you are use to Windows then the netbook may be the one for you as it's a small and has a pretty huge storage space. If you are shopping on a budget then the Acer aspire one will be the best fit. It goes around 370.00

    It all comes down to your preference. If you like the nice aluminum design then Asus. If you like using a trackpad then Acer. Android or Windows it's up to you.
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