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I no longer have the recovery partition that came on my ASUS eeepc 1015PEM. There's no DVD drive. How can I reformat the entire hard drive, wipe out the partitioning and reinstall Windows 7 from USB port?
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  1. So when you start your netbook and press F9 your not able to do a factory restore? Or you are able to get into windows but you want to reinstall
    If you want to install Windows 7 32/64 here is a link below of a video on you tube hope this helps.

    You will have to do all this from another computer. Make sure you format the USB as NTFS and the drive has to be more that 4GB and you download soft: Also make sure you have the Windows disc as well.
  2. I do not have factory restore any more so F9 does nothing. My hard drive is partitioned into C and D. I downloaded Windows 7 iso and the Microsoft program allowing it to go onto a flash drive. (I also have Windows 7 disc and another computer.) But it installed Windows on D drive so now I have Windows on both C and D drives. It didn't reformat either. I want to reformat both C and D partitions and reinstall Windows. I know I need a bootable USB drive, though right now I don't know how to get into the bios to let it boot from USB. I've seen a few programs that let you make the USB stick bootable and I guess WinToFlash is one. But how do I get both C and D formatted and empty first? Thanks
  3. You will have to reinstall windows and at the on-screen directions you REFORMAT
    Did you also make a recovery disc or I mean USB?

    Before you do this make sure you back up anything important because everything will be lost.

    Turn off your computer. Insert the USB with the recovery disc. Turn on your computer.

    Select boot from USB or whatever it says. Do not boot from hard drive.
    Follow the on-screen steps and make sure you reformat the laptop and not recover it.

    That should fix your issue
    Good luck and let me know what happens.
  4. I don't have a recovery disc. I will try to make a bootable usb drive with Windows 7 on it and see if it will boot up from that. Unfortunately I also can't get into the
    BIOS to tell it to boot from the USB stick. ASUS will sell me the recovery software for $50 but since I feel like I bought it once from them when I got the machine I don't see why they don't allow me to redownload it, but that's another story. I'll let you know if this works.
  5. Here is a link where you can download the recovery disc.
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