Info on an MSI needed, please.

Hi, i'm looking for information on an MSI laptop because I can't seem to find any reviews for this particular model. I've been into the SCAN store in Bolton today and it's a nice looking laptop with a decent spec from what i've read. Here it is:

I would like to know if anybody has used this laptop and if they have, how does it perform with different types of software and have they encountered any major problems with it? I'm going to be running the latest version of 3DS Max, Battlefield 3 and CS:GO (once it's released). If anybody can let me know how the latest games perform on high settings, that would also be helpful. So if anybody can help me out it would be appreciated, then I can go back to SCAN and pick it up ASAP, thanks!

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  1. This link shows where the 670M (really a 570M) falls in hierarchy:,3107-7.html

    This link shows the benches for that laptops default resolution:,2968.html

    Hard to tell if it's more like a 550ti or a 560 (non-ti) so it could be anywhere from 39-47fps in BF3. Not sure the level of eyecandy turned on. Assuming you're playing multiplayer, it will take every bit of the CPU's power too so not sure if that'll "bottleneck" or not.
  2. Ok thanks for replying, i'll take a look.
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