Whats a good gaming laptop for $1500

whats a good gaming laptop for $1500. i want a name brand because i believe you get what you pay for, and they also offer good warranties, since im going to be gaming on it, im afraid it might crash. im thinking of a sony vaio s series 15" with expidited shipping and accidental damage warranty it all comes to a total of 1400 with a student 8 % off. if anyone has a better idea of a laptop let me know, itll be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Hi Mo5024,

    I saw your earlier post - keep in mind, you can always send that laptop back.

    The laptop will play those games, but on lower/medium settings and only 1300x768. The GT 640M "LE" version has a slower clockspeed than the regular (non-LE) 640M.

    It would be alright, but i highly suggest looking into this lenovo Y580 deal thats going on today.


    you get a much better GFX card, better CPU and more ram for under $900. If you want to upgrade to a 1080p screen it's only $1150, probably less than what you paid for that sony.

    Sale ends today.
  2. but can i get accidental warranty with the lenovo?
  3. I was also looking for a laptop for a friend and he liked this one from MSI and i also think it is worth the price tag.
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