Need help on batteries still having problem

I have tried so far like 4 types of batteries 2 were generic types and two were OEM Dell batterys that should work for my netbook and they all do the same thing. Basicly the netbook doesn't reconize that the AC is plugged in so it won't charge the battery at all. I' am still having the same problem where the battery says I have over 1000 hours left and saying I have 82% left of power when it's plugged in and then I unplug it it says I have around 4 hours left which is normal. The last one I have now is a OEM Dell battery that is for this netbook since it's the same model number I have as the old one that doesn't hold charge anymore. Since my AC adapter is OEM Dell also it should work perfectly fine. I don't know what to do. I' am kinda frusterated about this since this whole time I been having the same problem and haven't been fixed. If someone can help me I would truely appreciate it. Thank You

Oh this is for the Dell Latitude 2100 netbook.
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  1. So when you plug in the ac adapter does it show that it's charging?

    Sounds to me that it might be your dc in connector that might not be working. You said you purchased 4 batteries and still does not charge.

    Maybe if you know someone that has the same laptop you can ask them to see if your battery will charge on theirs. If so it's your connection. Also you can test the ac adapter as well. Just get a volt meter and test to see if you are getting any voltage coming out.

    Could be the problem is your dc in connection on your laptop or your ac adapter.

    Process of elimination and then you will know who the culprit is.
  2. It basicly doesn't show it's charging when plugged in since on the bios it says it's not connected but the battery health is normal. Also what's strange is that when I' am on my desktop it shows that I have 82% battery life left and 4261 hours and 21 min left which is not true info since I' am plugged in. When I unplug the power cord then it shows around 4 hours of life left. So it looks like to me that the computer thinks it's running on batteries even it's plugged in. But if the connector is bad then it should at least act like 100% using on batteries meaning it should say 4 hours left and battery level should go down alot faster even plugged in.
  3. So I guess there is nothin I can do to fix this problem since no one is replying. :(
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