Asus G55VW = Amazing

Hey Guys,

For all you people wanting to game with mobility this is a great laptop. The Asus G55VW is a Republic of Gamers laptop and it features many cool things :)

Intel i7 3610qm
nVidia GTX 660m 2GB
16GB 1600mhz Memory
15.6" 1920x1080 Full HD
128gb SSD
Blu Ray Drive
3 in 1 Card Reader

I have had this laptop now for about a month and its pretty much a temporary solution until i get my desktop pc in 3 weeks. Although i will be using it to game everywhere now :). The main games I play are: Skyrim, BF3, MW3, League of Legends, Diablo 3. On all these games I can play at maxed out settings with no lag :) The SSD is a great drive for the boot and it only takes me 19 seconds to boot the laptop up. The CPU and GPU are both great. I have so far not had a problem with the laptop at all.

If you are looking for a gaming laptop under $1500 this is the one. it can run all games at max settings and i find it amazing so far :) So yeah i just thought i would let you guys know that it is a great gaming laptop :)
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  1. It is, but I doubt you can play BF3 maxed out.

    The 660M isn't that powerful of a card.
  2. amuffin said:
    It is, but I doubt you can play BF3 maxed out.

    The 660M isn't that powerful of a card.

    I think that's dependent on the resolution the game is being played at.
  3. I play battlefield 3 on ultra 1920x1080....... :)
  4. That must run super hot.
  5. Nope gaming cpu only gets 65degrees and cpu 55degrees
  6. I seriously doubt the 660m will max bf3 smoothly. When you say something "maxes" a game it usually means plays at highest possible graphics settings and NEVER drops below your refresh rate.
  7. A 670 GTX will "max" BF3 - barely. So I have serious doubts about a 660m at 1080p truely maxing it, especially in multiplayer with a lower powered mobile CPU.

    Edit: Given that, it still looks like a nice laptop. Thank you for the info and link!
  8. It's still a good card that I wouldn't mind having it in my laptop. It's ridiculous to expect desktop 670 level performance in one of those.
  9. From what i have seen at 670 can run it at max pretty easy? Im building my desktop in 2 weeks and im getting 670?
  10. Yes, I think you'll really like the 670. It is very, very smooth even on large maps (assuming your CPU is capable). Edit: "barely" above meant that there is headroom but not a ton.
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