Small dent-like scratch on new laptop's trackpad

About a month ago, I obtained a brand new Toshiba Satellite P750 bought and shipped through Toshiba's online store for $800 and I'm really pleased by it, but about a week ago, I noticed a small dent-like (not a line, but more of a circle shape) scratch on the trackpad's left mouse button. It's deep enough that I can feel it and depending on the lighting and angle I view it from, it can be very noticeable as it shines or is barely noticeable at all as a miniscule black spec (the scratch/dent/defect/whatever it is itself is probably only 1 mm wide). The trackpad button itself is glossy and black and I'm not sure if whatever this is has always been there or not, but I've done nothing that would make such a deep scratch on the thing. So... I doubt Toshiba would do anything about it and there's nothing I can do about it, but it's really irritating me. My laptop is the nicest thing I own and was basically my pride and joy in material form, but now everytime I think about or see it, the dent/scratch (defect, perhaps?) comes to mind and I feel like my brand new computer is ruined. Perhaps I'm asking more for psychological advice regarding getting over this than advice for what I can do about it, as I doubt there is much I can do, but I'd really appreciate any help regarding it. It wouldn't bother me so much if it was on any other part of the laptop beside the screen or keyboard, but it's on one of the few glossy parts of the laptop and worse, in a place I look at and use a lot and I take great care of my laptop in the hopes of avoiding damage, yet in less than a month, whether by manufacturer defect or unknown physical tension, there the thing is and it's making enjoying my laptop as I did when I first got it quite difficult. Please help me to stop being so obsessive over this thing. :P Seriously, I know it's not healthy, but it's otherwise my perfect laptop and this thing is severely bothering me.
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  1. Souds like a manufacturing mark for the button. The plastics tend to be extruded on little poles of plastic which are later cut off, and this is the spot where the pole is (it would have been underneath the surface). It is also possibly the location of the pole which pushes on the microswitch underneath the button.

    Unless it is extremely noticable and/or causing interference in the normal operation of the button I think you'd have a had time have it called a manufacturing defect - it is more a result of a manufacturing process.

    Probably not a lot you can get done about it. However if it is an area you use a lot , then you will find that over time, with use, you will wear the surface of the button wth you fingers, and it will get worn out. A bit like the surface of the keys, which wear depending on which letters you hit the most.

    If you need pyschological advice, perhaps you should post to a psychiatric forum, rather than a hardware forum.
  2. Use a usb mous then you wont have to feel the defect and put a sticker over it so you don't see it. job done.

    Next patient !
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