How to fix sticky keyboard keys

Sometimes my keys work fine, like now. Other times, without rebooting, certain keys like the R, Y, 5, 0, do not work when I press them. Sometimes if I press the R and Y key several times, the R and Y will appear. Other times, repeatedly typing the R and Y still dont get them to appear.

This problem happened, it seems, shortly after I disassembled my laptop. What would cause this problem? I think it may be one of the wiring connectors that connect the keyboard to the main unit, and not an issue with the individual keys. Should I reopen my computer, disassemble the keyboard, and reattach it, which of the 3 internal cables would affect this?

What should I try to fix this? Its very annoying having to use the "On-Screen Keyboard" to type the Y and R keys when they temporarily stop working on the keyboard.
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  1. make sure the keyboard data cable is securely fastened on the motherboard
    if there is dirt under the keys you can pop them off, clean it and pop them back into place.
    if all else fails you can buy a new keyboard.
  2. There are 3 cables connecting the keyboard to the motherboard. This problem began shortly after I disconnected all 3 of them for my Toshiba laptop. Which one of the 3 is the likely culprit cable?
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